REVEALED!! 4000 Gov’t Vehicles Missing


Chairman of Government Vehicle Recovery Committee, Hon. Rado Yokie has, past Tuesday, 10th April, 2018 disclosed via a local Radio Programme that over 4000 government vehicles have gone missing.

According to Hon. Yokie, there are over 8000 government vehicles but that since the declaration of an interim committee for transition they have only been able to recover 4000 while over 4000 are nowhere to be found.

“We have reports that over 400 of these vehicles have been crossed over to neighboring Guinea while other reports state that over 200 are parked at unknown locations with their registration plates removed,” said Hon. Rado Yokie.

Hon. Yokie categorically stated that the committee is not comprised of hooligans driving in jeeps with ‘Pa-o-pa’ inscriptions on them, adding that the committee is working with the police and that they all have identification cards indicating them as members of government vehicles recovery team.

“Things have to be done the proper way and within the ambit of the law,” asserted Hon. Rado Yokie.

He concluded that all politicians and those who were serving on presidential appointments and whose time in office has ended must peacefully handover government properties in their possession to the new government.