Reduce Taxes! -Central Bank Governor Demands


By Aruna Rashed Toma Bangura

The Central Bank Governor, Prof. Muana Keifala Kallon has reportedly disclosed that the government must reduce revenue in tax in order to attract investors to the country.

Twice now, he said, the bank has auctioned the United State Dollars twice but that that has not, in any way, impacted the current exchange rate, adding that government must look into all taxes and try to normalize them.

He furthered that the exchange rate determines the amount of United States Dollars the country needs, adding that currently, the government spends more than what it takes in.

Prof. Kallon furthered that the government must revisit some of the Executive Orders made by President Bio and emphasised the need for government to reduce taxes so that business people will not divert trade to neigbouring countries as they have already started doing.