Recovery Plan… NRA Leads

Everyone knows that money is the fuel that runs all organizations, including the state machinery.

Now and after the COVID-19 pandemic, the Government of Sierra Leone like all other governments in the world would not continue to perform their numerous functions as well as crucially deliver needed goods and services to their citizens without being able to generate enough revenue.

This is where Dr. Samuel Jibao and the National Revenue Authority (NRA) which is well poised to continue providing the government with much needed cash to function well come in.

Dr. Jibao who has a very impressive academic and work experience CV including a PhD in Economics and is an ICTD researcher who specializes in Public Economics with special focus on taxation who does not believe in failure was appointed as NRA Commissioner General by President Bio on June 5th 2018 to transform the administrative and managerial structure of NRA in order to induce improved performance of the country’s money making machine.

A man who believes in teamwork to achieve organizational goals and objectives, with the support of a dynamic hard working Board Chairman, Dr Jibao can, two years down the line, proudly state that his management continues to relentlessly strive for technological, administrative, managerial and organizational innovations that not only enable NRA to meet its annual revenue target of Le9 trillion but to supersede it.

To improve on performance and revenue collection, NRA under Dr. Jibao’s leadership has undertaken comprehensive tax reforms that encouraged large tax payers to comply, as well as revenue mobilization reforms and innovations that in 2018 resulted admirably in revenue to GDP collected by NRA to grow from 12 percent to 214 percent leading to the IMF and government budgetary target been exceeded.

Even the COVID-19 pandemic has not significantly impacted on NRA’s revenue collection due to farsighted measures that were put in place by management to dampen the effects of the pandemic on revenue collection. So in June, NRA broke its own revenue collection record by raking in two days (June 15 and 16) Le103, 000,000,000 (US$10 million).

When he took over, 70 percent of senior management positions were vacant, including that of Deputy Commissioner General. Those positions have not only been filled but also more than 100 revenue officers have been recruited to improve revenue collection.

Under Dr. Jibao, NRA has successfully migrated from ASYCUDA++ to ASYCUDA WORLD which makes it possible for importers from the comfort of their offices to do all their tax business with NRA.

Introduction of the Integrated Tax Administration System and the Electronics Cash Register have made tampering with revenue virtually impossible.

All these achievements are due to the tremendous boost in staff morale and performance that Dr. Jibao and team have brought to play in the NRA.