Reasons For APC’s Defeat Out


The United Kingdom and Irish (UKI) branch of the main opposition All People’s Congress (APC) has in its parallel postmortem come up with nine (9) reasons that led to the party’s March 2018 elections defeat.

According to the 22-man Committee, the nine reasons include low voter registration in the North; wrong method of selecting flagbearer; NGC and C4C infiltration into the APC strongholds; the dual citizenship saga;, wrong choice of candidates for MPs and councilors; late presentation of the party’s presidential flagbearer to the public; fragmented and poor Public Relations (PR) system; unavailability and or late arrival of campaign materials and funds; and the wrong appointment of a Chief Electoral  Commissioner without proper background check.

Dilating further on the reasons, the Committee discovered that low registration in the North was as a result of inadequate registration machines installed in that region which witnessed  poor registration turnout at centers especially for people in remote areas.

The Committee also observed that certain aspirants that vied for elective positions were serving ministers or civil servants who received salaries from the Consolidated Revenue Fund were allowed to contest without resigning a year prior to the elections as stipulated in the 1991 Constitution.

The Committee recommended that the party adopts the Africa National Congress (ANC) party structure in South Africa which would have earned it more grassroots support.

The composition of the party’s PR team, according to the Committee, comprised non-politicians who could not adequately articulate the ideals of the party which was an advantage to their arch rivals, the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP).