RC Bank Sierra Leone Tops


The Rokel Commercial Bank in Sierra Leone was rated or crowned as the best Bank in Sierra Leone in the year 2018. This recognition was bestowed on the Bank after receiving  seventeen different awards from different organizations both international and local organizations like the Nigeria Business Agency (NBA) and   medal of Honor, Africa Leadership  forum and other prominent groups  in recognition of the Bank’s commendable contribution to Africa’s Economy growth as well as towards National Development. The Chief Executive  Officer who also doubles as the Managing Director of the Rokel  Commercial Bank Sierra Leone Dr. Walton Ekundayo Gilpin also receive awards and was extolled and recognized for his immeasurable input  that catapulted the Bank to receive such prestigious awards.

These ceremonies took place in New York in England and in different times. In one of the award ceremonies in America Ambassador Joe Beasley who is chairman and International Advisory Board member also presented an award to the Rokel Commercial Bank Notable Organizations and Institution like the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) the Press National Women Achievement Agency (NAWAA) also were part of those that presented these awards to the Bank.

There is no iota of doubt that among various Banks that are operating within the country Rokel Commercial Bank Sierra Leone Limited is rated as the best for timely and qualitative service delivery to its numerous customers in all the nook and cranny with in the country.  The Bank is fully automated and it’s staff are highly motivated and professional providing modern Banking which is why many have being attracted to Rokel Commercial Bank sim kopo, visa card withdrawal etc.

Should not come as any big surprise to any as for Rokel Commercial Bank to be awarded in such a grand style because it has been proven that is provides efficient and impressive Banking Services.

In a snap interview with the Managing Director or Rokel Commercial Bank Dr. Gilpin, Franklyn stated that they are committed to positively participate in contributing towards National Development. He further disclosed that apart from providing Banking services that have also been rolling out their cooperate social responsibilities like education support boosting the health sector, lending support to sporting and the likes. His good working relationship with other members of staff has added to his honor very recently, Dr. Gilpin visited Tihun Sogbeni Chiefdom in the southern part of Sierra Leone together with the Deputy Managing Director on a field assignment seeking further opportunities for the Bank.

However, the Rokel Commercial Bank Sierra Leone limited is a Bank one should reckon with as they deal with local and international customers literate and illiterate customers swiftly to applaud national development.