RAPE! -4 Arrested, 2 On The Run


By Aruna Rashed Toma Bangura

Detective Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) at the Lumley Police Station, Mohamed Koroma has disclosed that they have apprehended four of the six suspects alleged to have gang raped a 15-year old girl during an award ceremony organized by the old pupils of the SOS Village, Lumley.

According to ASP Koroma, the act was done by both past and present pupils of the school; two of which are current students of Fourah Bay College (FBC).

According to the victim (name withheld), one of the perpetrators   approached her and told her they are friends on Facebook, adding that another, her school male friend, Joel gave her a drink which she said tasted like Vimto or Tip-top in a red plastic cup. She furthered that when she drank it she felt dizzy and had some strange feelings.

She explained further that Joel, a SSS III Special pupil took her to a car in order for her to rest but that she was raped by six of the pupils.

She lamented that she pleaded with them to let her go but that she was not allowed, adding that the last pupil who raped her hit her severely, open her legs widely and penetrated her.

The matter is under investigation.