Quarantine State House, Lodge -The Public Urges

When the President on State Television past Monday   evening confessed to the nation, in the spirit of transparency and accountability that one of his presidential guards had been tested positive for the corona virus disease after fourteen days in quarantine, many people immediately said, the President and all those around him should be kept in quarantine for fourteen days. As such, many are urging that the State House, Presidential Lodge and even the residence or barracks of the infected guard be quarantined forthwith.

Even though the President declared that he and family are safe, following standard COVID-19 prevention protocol, the President has led by example by self-isolating himself.

But since the person who has tested positive for COVID-19 is a presidential guard, and the president as a precautionary measure has self-isolated himself, many people state that the sensible thing is for all those who have had contact with the President at State House, such as State House personnel, cabinet ministers and others should be quarantined.

Speaking publicly yesterday Tuesday, the Minister of Information and Communications said that if there is the need, he will self-isolate himself. He pointed out that with government business having been digitalized; they can be self isolated and still carry on their official functions.  

Meanwhile, the Information Minister allayed public fears that contrary to wide speculation that the government would impose a fourteen-day total lockdown of the country, the data available about spread of covid-19 does not point to a catastrophic level.

He intimated that the government is more guided by the recommendation of the World Bank about the adverse effects lockdown could have on a population that largely survives from hand to mouth; as well as the implication of government having to make wholesale social welfare provisions for the vulnerable in a two-week lockdown situation.

The deploring few among us, he said, want to see the disease get out of hand. The Information Minister assured the nation that the tracing, surveillance, testing and treatment regimes that have been put in place have placed the country in a very favorable position to not only contain the spread of the disease but also to prevent it.

He disclosed that the government has enough test kits to last for a month and that more are being secured. He encouraged people in public spaces to use masks whilst everybody continues to strictly observe the prevention protocols announced by the Ministry of Health and for those that develop Coronavirus symptoms to be conscientious to report to the nearest health center or call 117 for advice.