President Koroma Warns

Definitely, with the clamor to represent the party very energetic, the heat in the ruling All People’s Congress (APC) party kitchen has become red hot in the preparation of the party’s list of 132 candidates to represent it in the March 7th 2018 parliamentary elections.

So fierce was the heat as the list was been compiled, using the main ingredients – popularity, competence and loyalty to the party – that many of the aspirants had to take off their shirts and blouses and run out of the steaming kitchen to fan themselves intensely to cool down as they fretted over whether their names will be on the final list or not as the party’s National Advisory Council and Secretariat stirred the pot, with the Chairman and Leader as the chief chef looked on critically.

One can easily understand the agitation in the party to be awarded symbol to represent it in the coming elections. In its North-West strongholds, definitely the APC symbol is a hot cake because having it is guarantee that one will definitely get elected into council and parliament.

In which regard, it can be recalled that after the Party secretariat released the list of its aspirant councilors last week, there was a lot of complaining and rumbling noises of dissent and possible dissension amongst various party supporters across the country as many party supporters cried out loud, foul! It was reported that groups of disgruntled and frustrated supporters stormed the party headquarters calling for redress.

This volatile situation is not lost on the APC Chairman and Leader, Dr Ernest Bai Koroma, who over the past weekend invited some APC top guns to State Lodge at Hill Station in order to tell them to talk to their various supporters to pipe down and hold their peace.

Sensitive to the blistering emotions that political competition can engender, the APC Chairman and Leader told the assembled APC leaders that the award of symbol to councilors was done in a democratic manner that everybody must appreciate; meaning that nobody was unduly disadvantaged.

He noted that all aspirants for the party symbol have their supporters but what they should understand is that at the end of the day; only one person can be awarded the party’s symbol in each ward and constituency. He stated that so intense is the competition that there were as much as 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 15 aspirants for the party’s symbol in some constituencies. Obviously, in this highly competitive situation, only one person can get the symbol. He therefore called for calm and for supporters to rally behind the party flag bearer and for the losers to support the winners. He called on the APC leaders to rein in their unruly supporters, noting that if the fail to do so; the outcome will not be welcome.

He noted that at the end of the day, the interest of all members and supporters of the party should be subservient to that of the party’s overriding interest of continuing in governance after the March 7th 2018 national elections which calls for unity. He reiterated that what they are all fighting for is one cause that will help them all.

In calling for unity, the APC Chairman and Leader highlighted that if there is unity, there is no doubt that APC will win the election in the first round. This, he said, is because he has worked for the party and put it on a good footing to face any challenge. He maintained that the party is well-equipped for the battle ahead. He called on his colleague APC leaders to rally behind the two people he has chosen to lead the party to win the coming elections.

He ended by reporting that the people appreciated his recent nationwide ‘Thank You’ tour which he used to present the party’s presidential candidate and his running mate, adding that the tour   was a success.