President Bio’s Nationwide Tour Timely


Information received from State House states that President Rtd. Brig. Julius Maada Bio will towards the end of this month undertake a nationwide thank-you tour.

Although this tour should have come immediately after he was sworn into office, it is better late than never. The President’s nationwide tour is timely as, according to many, the country is divided and needs to be united. This is something many have said should not be swept under the carpet.

According to the report, President Bio will start his nationwide tour in Bo the Southern Region at the end of the month and in November, he will also visit Kenema and the other twelve districts nationwide. The President’s thank-you tour is expected to end in Freetown in early December.

But with the main opposition All Peoples’ Congress (APC) complaining of alleged attacks and intimidation of their members and supporters in different parts of the country, the President’s planned tour of the country could be used as an opportunity to show the entire nation that he is indeed not a President of the Mende ethnic group and the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP), but Head of State, Fountain of Honour and Commander-in-Chief of the Republic of Sierra Leone Armed Forces (RSLAF).

The President is also reportedly advised during his stopovers to preach the message of peace, oneness, love, unity and cooperation to achieve his government’s ‘New Direction’ agenda for the benefit of every Sierra Leonean. The tour will also afford President Bio the opportunity to show that he is a unifier.

It could be recalled that in his town hall meeting in Washington DC with compatriots, the President told his SLPP’s members and supporters to appeal to their fellow Sierra Leoneans on the other divide to come onboard the ‘New Direction’ train, stating that it is for all Sierra Leone and that all must join hands with him and his government to achieve the country’s development agenda.

Similarly, when he was voted President of the Republic, it was not only one tribe or region that voted for him. The President from statistics of the votes cast was voted for in all regions of the country and by every tribe. Therefore, showing himself to the nation as a national leader that embraces all and sundry is very important in the government’s quest for development because if the nation does not see itself as one country, one people, sabotage cannot be ruled out.

Thus, touring the country with a message of peace, love and unity among the citizenry will go a long way in calming down political tensions as well as reassuring everybody that, indeed, we are one country, one people. We wish him all the best.