Port Loko Angry


By Soka Kamara

Youths and stakeholders of Port Loko district, especially Kaffu Bullom, Lokomassama and Kamasondo Chiefdoms have called on His Excellency, President Bio, to inform him about some problems affecting the three neighboring chiefdoms.

Firstly, indigenes of Port Loko have expressed great dissatisfaction over the sacking of a son of the soil, Idrissa Nabi Fofana, as the General Manager of the Lungi International Airport. They explained that the airport has had five General Managers since it was established in the persons of Mr. Macleod, Donald Bull, Humphrey Swaray, John Brima and John Sesay – all of them non-indigenes of Port Loko district and that Idrissa Fofana is the only indigene to have occupied that position.  Another issue that is of grave concern is that, according to two indigenes, there has been a sharp increase in property rate in the localities which they think is onerous and are therefore calling for a reversion to the old rate.

The issue of travelling to and from Port Loko via the Rokel River, they complained, is another serious concern as, according to them, it is risky and time consuming as only one ferry, MV Mahera, is operational most of the time. They said they want President Bio’s government to provide at least two new ferries for the crossing between Mahera and the Kissy Terminal as, according to them, the district is heavily populated and has huge trade and commercial links with the capital Freetown. They added that their businesses suffer because of the non-availability of ferries shuttling between Maherra and Kissy. This, they added, affects students, workers and business people who regularly shuttle between Lungi, Lokomassa and Port Loko in general to Freetown and back.

Following the latest sacking of a son of the soil, reports intimate that the Council of Imams, stakeholders and youth organizations have, with one voice frowned at such decision and have therefore insisted that President Bio reinstates Mr Idrissa Fofana and his deputy, Emile Rogers, forthwith.

The people of Port Loko said they therefore implore President Bio as Father of the nation and Fountainhead of Justice to listen to their plea and bring them quick relief.