Police To Clamp Down On Bars & Clubs


By Aruna Rashed Toma Bangura

The Regional Commander, Freetown west Division of the Sierra Leone Police (SLP), AIG Thomas Mustapha Lahai has in a meeting organized for nightclub and bar owners, said that it has come to their notice that those entertainment spots are breeding grounds for criminals.

AIG Lahai furthered that crime is on the increase and that the criminals are always around entertainment spots, adding that, the SLP has mounted an intensive operations in order to curb the menace.

The owners of bars and night clubs, he alleged, are, to some extent, responsible for such criminal activities because they fail to identify criminals from genuine customers as, according to him, all what they focus on is “profit making.”

AIG Lahai continued that the main reason for the dialogue is to call on the bar and night club owners to help the Sierra Leone police through tip-offs, adding that the SLP has discovered that there still exists public insecurity within  the Western Area, despite efforts by security apparatus to reduce high rate of crime.

Meanwhile, he disclosed that the SLP is currently searching for five hardcore armed robbers who, he said, are instilling fear and panic in various communities.  The AIG also attributed the alarming rate of crime to drug abuse among young people which, he said, is a serious societal concern.

AIG Lahia however urged owners of entertainment centres to report to the police any suspect that is of police interest.