PMB Junction Traders Cry


Over 300 petty traders who are reported to be stranded and about to be put out of business at PMB Junction, Wellington, East of Freetown are said to be in a sombre mood.

Investigation mounted by this medium revealed that these over 300 traders who now refer to themselves as ‘One Family’ under the union, ‘PMB Junction United Traders Union,’ have been trading at the junction for over 20 years with complains to tax obligations and other government dues until 2017 when a Fullah business tycoon, Amadu Bah surfaced and asked them to vacate the site.

“We just saw him one morning and told us that he has plans to construct a fuel station there and that we must go and look for somewhere else to trade,” said the traders.

They continued that they took up the issue with central government through Freetown City Council (FCC) which they said resulted to the disappearance of the said Mr. Bah.

To their greatest surprise, they said on Friday, 28th September, 2018, Mr. Bah resurfaced, this time with the Deputy Minister of Lands and Country Planning, Rex Bonapha and gave them 3 days grace period to vacate the site or face eviction.

This development has reportedly sent shock waves down the spines of the not only the poor traders but also officials of the FCC who, according to the Deputy Mayor, Osman Koroma were the custodians of the said land.

“A portion of the land in question used by the traders is a Right Of Way (ROW) and belongs to Sierra Leone Roads Authority (SLRA) but is in the custody of the Council until the need for it arises for the extension of the road,” argued the Deputy Mayor.

Most of the traders are widows and therefore pleaded with government to provide an alternative site for them to continue with their businesses.