Phone Industry To Fight Corruption

The Deputy Commissioner of the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) Shollay Davies says the telephone industry can play a big role in law enforcement, whistle blowing and curbing the flow of illicit wealth. Shollay Davies made the statement whilst delivering the keynote address at a ceremony to mark Orange Sierra Leone’s ‘Ethics and Compliance Day’.

The Deputy Commissioner said, with the advancement in technology, telephones are sometimes used to commit acts of fraud through the use of mobile money transfers. He said phone operators should therefore comply with the legal framework of the country and ensure that they register all subscribers to their networks and blow whistle on suspected illegal transactions.

On the area of ethics, the ACC Deputy Commissioner said organisations need ethics and compliance programmes to keep the institution from abuse by staff and other organisations. He said companies should regularly monitor the activities of its staff in a bid to prevent reputational damage, revenue loss and litigations.

Mr. Davies outlined some anti-corruption and risk prevention policies businesses should institutionalize, including a policy on gift, conflict of interest, the use of integrity pacts and pledges and service charters. He went further to explain some of the provisions of the Anti-Corruption Act 2008, which private businesses and individuals can fall foul of.

The Chief Executive Officer of Orange Sierra Leone Sekou Drame said the company has a zero tolerance policy to corruption, adding that they are determined to respect the laws of the land as well as institute policies that set high standards for staff conducts. He said the organisation has already established a compliance and ethics unit to maintain integrity among staff.