Perspective Remove VP

Thanks to Sheka Tarawalie (Shekito) for his critical views outlined in a position paper to the Constitutional Review Committee (CRC).
The sentiments are clear. Many are upbeat about the current existing structures in the governance realm that have to do with defining the mandates and functions of serving government officials.
For example, almost all the deputy positions in the Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) do function only when the substantive head is either away or serve when duties are delegated to them by their superiors. These are official paid out of the consolidated fund and for large part of their time they do nothing in those offices. This could be reserved for another article.
Now to the salient view of scrapping down the position of Vice President to re-introduce the position of Prime Minister; it makes a wild thought. It is either the position of Vice President is redefined in terms of mandate in the reviewed constitution backed up by the perception that the President and the Vice President shall enjoy equal immunity and job security or the position be scrapped and made way for the position of Prime Minister.
Shekito mentioned the brutish beast in a democratic arrangement in which the individuals voted into various positions of trust end up deserting their parties.
This is what he wrote: “To avoid a repeat of any untoward circumstances therefore, or to prevent these two un-elected scenarios, the most plausible way out, to my view (as informed through consultations) is removing the position of Vice President and re-introducing the office of Prime Minister in the body-politic of Sierra Leone.”
Now to end the brutish beast, the position of VP should be scrapped and give way for the re-introduction of the position of Prime Minister and give a neat burial of the controversies that accompany the theory of vice presidency in Sierra Leone. This is also another wild thought!
The phrase: ‘desert your party and remain in office’ is argued out lengthily in Shekito’s position paper. Here is a snippet of what he thought would be the repercussion: “If it stands, even Sam Sumana could use it to torpedo our constitutional process by going back to Court (Supreme Court or ECOWAS Court etc) for a judicial review of his case.”
This awakes another wild thought. Now it seems I am confused a bit and the reason for this is that we are left now to entreat the concept which defines a ceremonial president and head of government. The parallel to this is that the enormous powers of the president are going to be devolved and it will be a brace-hold of power.
The Prime Minister would be a Member of Parliament and would have the powers to appoint cabinet ministers; while the president would come from any political party and would also have powers to appoint head of parastatals.
Rather, Shekito considers an extension of mandate of the 149 Paramount Chiefs, (PCs) as it stands, in the respective chiefdoms to each be eligible to become president and occupy the seat for a period of seven years while the president goes for the traditional 5years per term. This would allow equal power rotation across the region.
This concept explained by the historical fact that Sierra Leone once practices a monarch system of Kingship would automatically gain a rebirth.
I want to understand this better; the monarch system as opposed to democracy is about to be given a blend. How this would work? The monarch system and the democratic franchise to vote for seating Paramount Chiefs would be the newest innovation if the question of absolute powers to the PCs would not come to mind.