Parliament Warns Departments & Agencies

By Alhaji Mansaray

Chairman for the 2018 Sub Appropriation Committees of supply in Parliament, Hon. Dixon Rogers has informed each of the government departments and agencies under his committee that the purpose of the ongoing hearing is to ensure that monies allocated to them in 2018 financial year was spent correctly and Judiciously.

He reminded each and every department and agency that as a Committee they have the right to withhold the 2019 budget of any of them should they be found wanting.

Hon. Dixon Rogers made this statement during the investigation of the various departments and agencies at Committee Room Number-1 Parliament Building, Tower Hill in Freetown on the 2018 Budget Sub-Appropriation Committees for supply. He maintained that they are not in any way witch-hunting anyone but they are just performing their duty in the interest of the country as they want Sierra Leone to move forward in terms of development.

During the said investigation process, the Committee Chairman and team discovered that some departments and agencies did not prepare their documents properly and that they are not even readable and that as such, the Committee had to stand them down in order for them to go back and properly prepare their documents. The Committee also discovered that some departments and agencies are generating funds and therefore said they may consider reducing their 2019 budgets.

Among the departments that faced the committee includes the Maritime Administration, National Commission for Democracy, Petroleum Directorate, Law School, Administrator and Registrar General’s Office, among others.