Parliament, Stakeholders On Education  


Parliament has on Tuesday 26th February, 2019 at Committee Room 1, Parliament Building engaged stakeholders in a round table meeting between the Parliamentary Committees on Education and development partners providing support to the education sector in Sierra Leone.

The round table discussions focused on the promotion of the free quality education, challenges and activities undertaking by development partners in supporting the president agenda on “free quality education for all”. The round table discussion program was supported by European Union for the strengthening the legislative processes and procedures of Parliament.

In his keynote address, the Speaker of Parliament, Rt. Hon. Dr. Abass Chernor Bundu said the engagement would better harness the working relationship between Parliament and the donor community, as well as to enhance the knowledge and information of the Committees.

He noted that following the end of 11 years civil war, Sierra Leoneans deemed it extremely necessary to meet with the development partners to obtain first-hand information about their support to the sector.

He opined that the nation will not develop without a strong human capital, adding that government is working relentlessly to ensure a positive reform in the education sector. He added that government has demonstrated its commitment by introducing free and quality education as a matter of extreme urgency.

He said donor partners cannot measure the positive results of their interventions if they fail, Parliament fail their Constitutional mandate to monitor the implementation of the projects funded by the donor partners.

In his statement the Oversight Committee Chairman of Basic and Senior Secondary Education School, Hon. Dominic Tshombe Lavalie said, the engagement is timely, noting that the engagement with the development partners will help them to properly understand their oversight functions adequately. He assured his Committee commitment and support to ensure that country achieve it dream in the human resources capacity building.

In his contribution Hon. Alimamy O. Koroma, the Committee Chairman of Higher and Technical Education, said the workshop is “novelty of the nation”, adding that they want to change the narrative in the education sector through proactive collaboration with donor partners.

He said education has gone down the drain in the country but through the help of government and its development partners they will develop the sector.

In his statement, Chief Education Officer, for Basic and Senior Secondary School, Dr. Alhaji Mohamed Karama, also emphasized on the important of the engagement, noting that government will not achieve free and quality education without the intervention of the donor partners.

In his contribution to the round table discussion, Deputy Minister of Education for Higher and Technical Education Dr. Turah Senesis, said the conditions and services of the teachers is bad, adding government will not be able to retain the teachers in the classroom if the condition of service is not improve.

The Deputy Minister of Education dilated that government will not able to achieve the free and quality education if they did not address the classroom environment of the schools, improving conditions and services of the teachers, strengthen the laboratory systems in schools, universities and colleges.

He noted that colossal sum of money have been spent on education but has not yield any impact on the country. He called on the nation to make turnaround in the education sector.

The Education Committees in Parliament for the next three days deliberations would engaged; UNICEF,WFP, JAICA, DEFID,EU, USAID World Bank, Irish Aid and British Council in other to find a strong way in helping the government in its agenda on the education sector.