Parliament Squeezes SLRA


By Thomas S. Kembay

The Parliamentary Committee on Works and Infrastructure on Friday 15th March, 2019 squeezed senior officials of the Sierra Leone Roads Authority (SLRA) when they appeared before it on public hearing session at Room 1, Parliament Building at Tower Hill, Freetown.

Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee, Hon. Bashiru Sidikie cautioned the senior official of SLRA to respect Parliament by availing themselves wherever summon by the House. “We have a mandate to oversee road construction in the country as works committee,” said Hon. Sidikie.

SLRA, he said, must not take Parliament for granted, noting that business under the ‘New Direction’ agenda would not be as usual as they would ensure that the last dime disbursed by government for any project is utilized to reflect the wishes of the people.

Hon. Sidikie therefore warned the Authority that when they are summoned by Parliament in future, they must ensure that all Project Managers attend to give an account of their stewardship in their various assignments. He charged that the Authority is one of the factors that contributed to the failure of the erstwhile APC administration.

One of the senior officials from SLRA, Mr. French explained that road construction contract involves processes starting from negotiation, agreement, signing of the agreement by parties involved, handing over site and commitment to agreement by parties.

Government’s obligation to honor payment to commence road construction project, he noted, had always been delayed, thereby hindering the progress of the project. Mr. French furthered that works would only commence when contractors are paid and the site handed over.