Pampers Drug Use Kills In 6 Months -Deputy Minister of Youth Affairs Says

The Deputy Minister of Youth Affairs, Alusine Kallon has warned that youths indulging in drinking chemicals in pamper lining risk death within six months.

The Deputy Minister was reacting to the nationwide concern over youths now boiling pampers to use as drug to get them high. He gave the warning in the light of findings by medical doctors that the chemicals can have a very corrosive effect on internal organs, especially the vital ones like the kidney, liver and lungs.

Testimonies from youths that use drugs generally, such as marijuana, Tramadol, Kush, among other stuffs, speak of momentary highs during which period they feel a series of sensations ranging from ecstasy to fearlessness, depression, anger, violence and hallucination.

The uncontrollable exposure of the youths to imported drugs, whose effects quickly wear out on them after repeated use, keeps them constantly searching for new drugs that can keep them high.

According to some youths, the idea of boiling the lining of pampers to extract the chemicals in them comes from Indonesia where it started in 2016 and the Indonesian youths indulged in its use in 2018.

A police spokesman has confirmed that drug abuse among youths is on the increase, while medics fear this could be another lost generation as they predict that psychiatric cases in the country would increase to a point where the available facilities would no longer cope with treatment.

The reason why The Exclusive is advising the youths of today to stay away from drugs of all kinds, as well as alcohol, is because as we all can see, there are many mentally insane youths roaming the streets that have become a complete loss to themselves, their parents, communities and the nation. There are many others because of their incurable addiction are unable to do anything for themselves, even though seen as normal. They spend the whole day sitting in ghettoes indulging in drugs instead of profitably utilizing that time to learn something useful that can make them sellable in the job market or become self-employed in society.

Youths should heed to the advice that experimenting with all kinds of drugs quickly ends in substance abuse and addiction. Without treatment, the effects of drug abuse could lead to very serious physical and mental consequences now and in adulthood.

Looking around us, we see that youths addicted to drugs usually have problems with the law, such as stealing and violence. Youths indulging in drug abuse have problem in their institutions of learning and places of work. They experience wild mood swings. They lose appetite in food and normal human activities and crave only what is fantastic or imaginary.

Drugs must be avoided at all cost because dependence on them causes or masksvery serious emotional problems such as anger, anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts and schizophrenia.

But worst of all is that drug abuse can lead to permanent brain damage seen in impaired thinking and reasoning, stunted development, apathy, withdrawal and other psychosocial dysfunctions such as personality disorder.

In addition, we see that many youths that use drugs do not have good relationships with their families. Drug addiction usually needs to overdependence rendering the person a liability to his family and society. Gangs, cliques, drug selling, prostitution, and crime are among the social and justice system problems linked to drug abuse that we see all around us.

Thus, conscious youths that want a better future for themselves are reminded of the evil consequences of drugs and to do all that is necessary not to be caught in its vicious cycle of self- destruction.