Palo Conteh In Trouble… Treason?

As at yesterday Monday morning, reports were that Retired Major Palo Conteh, former Minister of Defense and Internal Affairs, in the erstwhile President Koroma led APC government was in the custody of the Criminal investigations Department in Freetown.

Many people have commented that, the fact that he spent the weekend at the CID and has up to now not been released on bail, shows that it is a very serious matter.

Palo Conteh was reported by the CID in a press release last weekend to have been found in possession of a loaded pistol by presidential security guards at State House.

According to the Head of Criminal Investigations Department (CID) Headquarters in Freetown, Chief Superintendent John Kenneth Alpha in a release, Alfred Palo Conteh was found in possession of loaded small arms in  a public place (State House).

CID, he said, received information and went to State House where Lt. Mohamed M. Kposowa, Director of the Joint Presidential Guard Force, showed detectives a small hand purse containing a Gluck 17 pistol loaded with ten live rounds ammunition which Palo Conteh admitted ownership of.

When the news went viral, Palo Conterh posted on his facebook page that the matter had ben resolved and that it was not true that CID arrested him.

With investigatios into the matter ongoing, many people have opined that there are only two ways about it – whether the authorities let Palo Conteh go or charge him with treason which generaly under law is a crime of doing something that could cause danger to your country.