Ownership of Commercial Motorbikes…

Salone Police Indicted

By Thomas S. Kembay
Some members of the Sierra Leone Commercial Motorbike Riders Union (SLCOM) have disclosed that half of the bikes entering the Central Business District are either owned by senior police officer or they serve as guarantors for them.
Investigation mounted by this press revealed that the refusal of commercial motorbike riders to stop entering the CBD area was to allow the only alleged police owned motorbikes to ply that area.
The investigations also revealed that the riders charge passengers three or more times above the normal price for the risk they take to venture into the CBD without police connection.
“Any commercial motorbike that confidently enters the CBD is either owned by a senior police officer or senior police personnel serve as care takers to them,” said one of SLCOM executive official. He also alleged that the other groups of riders that enter the CBD are those who provide monthly packages for senior police personnel who in turn call and plead for their release whenever they are caught.
“Police officers believe that commercial motorbike is a lucrative business compared that of commercial vehicles and that is the reason why they have chosen to invest in bikes,” said another union executive member.
They therefore urged Rtd Major Paolo Conteh and the Inspector General of Police to institute measures to curtail police ownership of commercial motorbikes and allow riders to enter the CBD.
All efforts to reach the police media for response proved futile.