Over Transition Reports… Info Minister Blasts


The Minister of Information and Communications, Mohamed Rahman Swaray has taken a swipe at the opposition All People’s Congress (APC) over the recently launched Governance Transition Team (GTT) Report.

In an interview with The Exclusive yesterday, he had this to say: “This is the best thing that has happened to the people of this country. We need to draw a line under impunity which has plunged this country all these years under the APC.”

According to the Minister, for ten years the APC had run this country like a private banana farm and that they failed to realize that there will come a day of accountability and a moment of truth.

“In life, decisions have consequences. The APC chose to run the country how they wanted forgetting that they have to be called to account for their stewardship one day… and that is the hallmarks of democracy,” Minister Swaray affirmed.

Regarding the allegations heaped on former President Ernest Bai Koroma in the said report, the Information and Communication Minister said, “The former President strenuously denied the allegations, stating that he was not personally involved and did not benefit.” This, he said, means that the former President was aware of the shady deal but did not benefit from it.  The sale of the Sierra Rutile Company, allegedly by the former President and Mr. John Sisay, he said, was authorized without parliamentary approval. “The former President has to have his day in court,” the Information and Communication Minister insisted, adding that corruption has pulled this country down for the longest time and that who so ever has been accused by the report has a fear chance to clear his or her name at the proposed Judge-led Commission of Inquiry recommended by the GTT report. “That is the beauty of democracy,” he said.

Regarding the travel ban slammed on former government officials, The Information and Communication Minister had this to say: “In democracy, rights have freedom and there are channels to that. These are government policies and it is left with the Presidency to accept the recommendations of the report. Basic rights and freedom have limitations. For instance, during the Ebola outbreak there were limitations to people’s right.”

The GTT, he said, was able to dig out issues to know the baseline and that has given the government pointers to areas that are very prone to corruption. “Because of this alleged looting spree by officials of the former APC government we are today at bottom of the human development index. We want to lay a proud foundation for successive government and we want it be abundantly known that we would not celebrate state criminals,” the Minister concluded.