Over Proposed Commission Of Inquiry Debate… APC Wins


The call of the main opposition All People’s Congress (APC) for the Constitutional Instrument – 64 and 65 to be debated before the setting up of the proposed Commission of Inquiry has been reportedly accepted by the House.

This comes following heated argument between the main opposition APC and the ruling Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) over the setting up of the Commission of Inquiry as recommended by the 2018 Governance Transition Team (GTT)  Report to look into alleged corruption practices by  former government officials.

The main opposition APC had argued that the tabling of Constitutional Instrument on the stipulated day coincided with a recess by parliament which apparently made it impossible to have the issue debated. This, they believe, was a calculated ploy by the SLPP to institute the proposed commission without it been debated after the 21 days stipulated by law even when they claim one of the MPs Hon. Daniel Koroma had quoted the right Standing Order (SO) for the instrument to be debated.

The APC had reportedly wanted to seek redress at the Supreme Court should the SLPP insist that the Commission must be established un-debated.

SLPP had however argued that Hon. Koroma used the wrong SO to file a motion for the instrument to be debated and that the instrument has been tabled in the House for more than the stipulated 21 days without any appropriate motion or debate on it.