Over Ongoing Forensic Auditing… Deputy Auditor General Speaks


Commenting on the auditing of four sectors including Energy, Telecom, Civil Work and Social Security recently, the Deputy Auditor General at the Audit Service Sierra Leone, Tambo Momoh has disclosed that it was the responsibility of government to take decision on the findings and recommendation of the ongoing Forensic and Technical Audit in four sectors.

According to Auditor Momoh, at the completion of the audit, they will report back to government for it to take the appropriate decision. “We have the task to identify to government flaws and weaknesses discovered in implementation of donor and government funded projects and make recommendations,” said the Deputy Auditor General.

The ongoing Forensic and Technical Audit exercise aided by auditors from credible audit institutions in Kenya, Tanzania and Ghana, he said, will critically and thoroughly look into what was received and spent by the four sectors from 2015 to 2018.

The Forensic and technical audit, he continued, is different from the normal audit in the sense that it looks at the value for money in various financial transactions for the period under review.

The Bank of Sierra Leone (BSL), Auditor Momoh said, is also being audited with specific reference to public transaction from 2015 to 2018.

“One week has been completed and we are already in the second week of the audit,” he confirmed, assuring that the technical audit is not opinionated as perceived by some sectors of the public as they use looking at factual evidence.