Over Failed Libya Trip… 200 S/Leoneans Disappointed


By Aruna Rashed Toma Bangura

The Minister of Labour and Social Security, Adekunle J.M. King has reportedly refused to give his blessing to some 200 young Sierra Leoneans (200) who are desperate to travel to Libya in search of jobs.

According to these youths, they voted for a change of Government but that as things stand now, there are no job facilities in the country; the main reason why they said they want to venture to Libya and beyond in search of greener pasture.

These desperate youths averred that their visas are due to expire today adding that should that  happen, it would be a big blow to them and will add more stress on them.

They therefore called on the President, Vice President and First Lady to come to their rescue, forthwith to salvage their situation.

The Minister of Labour had however insisted on mounting a thorough investigation into the issue so as to ascertain whether or not the deal itself is legal given that there have been several reports of Sierra Leoneans been manhandled by the so-called oversees job providers.

According to him, he has no intention of stopping the desperate youths from travelling to Libya, but that he wants to ensure that they are safe, adding that should anything happen to them out there, the Government would be blamed. “We would not want such a thing to occur,” he said, whilst asking them to exercise patience until the investigation is completed.