Over Commission Of Inquiry… APC ‘Baranta’


The Secretary General of the main opposition All People’s Congress (APC) Ambassador Alhaji Osman Foday Yansaneh has disclosed that the party will only accept a debated constitutional instrument or a Supreme Court ruling on the Commission of Inquiry.

Speaking to The Exclusive Press, the APC scribe insisted that the party is not against the setting up of the Commission of Inquiry but from the basis of fair play, they are urging that it established legally.

“What we want our people to know is simple, they should know why a Commission of Inquiry and how it is going to operate. That is very important for the public,” said Ambassador Yansaneh.

He added that the question is not about to get two-third majority but insisted that the people have the right to discuss the issue. When the people discuss it, he said, it creates an atmosphere for them to make their inputs. For participatory democracy the APC he said is calling for the instrument be discuss so that the people will participate through their representatives.

“The next progressive step is for the Supreme Court to say yes the people have the right or not,” said the APC scribe, adding that as peaceful, disciplined and law abiding party they will accept the ruling of the court should their first call for the instrument to be debate fails.