Over Alleged Rampant Corruption Discovered… Finance Minister Blasts


The Minister of Finance, Mr. Jacob Jusu Saffa has recently assured that government will leave no stone unturned in bringing to book all those involved in allegations of corruption in the Governance Transition Team (GTT) Report.

According to the Minister, more corrupt practices have been unearthed at ministerial levels which, he said, the report in question did not highlight.

According to the Finance Minister, there is going to be no hiding place for all those recommended for investigation by the Governance Transition Team Report.

He fumed that the domestic and external debts are estimated at US$22 billion as against US$250 Million left by the SLPP government in 2007.

Between January and March of 2018 just before the national elections, he disclosed that contracts were signed amounting to US$500 million and arrears of payment to contractors estimated at US$1.4 billion equivalent to Le10.8 trillion.

The SLPP government, he said, has to pay US$200m every year on arrears it does not know about which left the government with no option but to set its priority programmes in order to manage the collapsing economy in such a way that it does not spend outside its statutory priorities including payment of salaries, among other obligations.