On Timber Export… Gov’t Raises Over Half Billion Leones


By Thomas S. Kembay

In his determination to implement President Rtd. Brig Julius Maada Bio aim of revamping the economy through robust internal revenue mobilization in a transparent and accountable manner, the agent for timber, Babadi Kamara has, in a week’s time raised eighty six thousand and three hundred United States Dollars (US$86,300) equivalent to six hundred and ninety million, from hundred thousand Leones.

Speaking on the way forward on the trade, in his office on Monday, 16th July, 2018, Mr. Babadi Kamara emphasised that business will not be as usual noting that under his reign as agent, government must receive what is due it through tax and other charges.

He disclosed that payment for outstanding changes due to government for the 863 containers within and outside the Quay which amounted to US$86,300 has been made.

He further disclosed that tax charges par container is now two hundred and fifty United States Dollars (US$250) as against the one hundred and fifty United States Dollars (US$150) that was collected by the out gone administration.

Mr. Kamara went further to disclose that the Governance Transition Team set up by President Bio to look into the timber trade discovered a lot of anomalies and fraud by all parties involved in the trade especially the exporters which caused huge loss to government.

“Government in its stride to revamp the economy through robust internal revenue mobilization will not continue with anyone who may have fallen in this category of defrauding the state of much needed funds,” said the agent, stating further that all timber exportation licenses have been withdrawn.

He concluded by stating that mechanism is being put in place for a control and command centre for all timber exportation so that government will realize what is due it  and standards met in adding value to the product and ensure tree planting exercise for forestation.