On A Monthly Basis… Bio To Face Parliament


By Thomas S. Kembay

In accordance with Standing Orders 19, 20, 21 and 22, the Speaker of Parliament, Hon. Dr. Abass Chernor Bundu has ordered the resumption of ‘Question Time,’ which, he said, has died out in the parliamentary proceedings for years.

According to the Speaker, ‘Question Time’ used to be part of Parliamentary proceeding when he was in parliament in the early 80s to 90s but that it died out for over 20 years.

Question Time, he said, was a very interactive session as it was seen as a platform through which the legislative and the executive arms of government discuss and address issues pertinent to national development.

The Speaker spoke about two types of question time sessions – the weekly and the monthly. The monthly, he said, is when the President or representative faces parliament on monthly basis to explain to MPs his monthly activities and also answer questions posed by MPs. The weekly, he continued, focuses on Ministries Department and Agencies (MDAs) that face parliament every week to answer questions from MPs on their weekly activities.

The monthly Question Time, he said, will be held on the third Thursday of every month in which, he said, His Excellency President Bio would be engaged by MPs during the session.

Other Members of Parliament supported the re-introduction of the Question Time.