Old Bo School Boy Cries For Help

 By  Bai-Bai Sesay

A hardworking and proud former student of The Bo School; Mr. Alex Jonjo Allie also known as ‘Alexandra The Great’ who was an eye of admiration for many Sierra Leoneans is currently suffering from partial stroke.

He needs medical and financial assistance to maintain himself and family and to live a comfortable life.

Mr. Allie experienced stroke on the 15th June 2009 while he was a teacher in the Gambia. He was hospitalized for six weeks before he was discharged from hospital.

“Before my discharge from hospital, the professional Cuban doctor who diagnosed me advised that I would recover gradually without relapse if I maintain a regular medication, regular physiotherapy exercise, specific diet and continuous rest and a peace of mind,” he told this press.

He went on: “the school I was teaching then however declared me unfit to teach because of my disability. I humbly requested for their social, medical, technical and financial assistance. I was eventually provided the technical assistance and referred to my Embassy in the Gambia for a medical and financial assistance because theirs was only meant for the Gambians. The Sierra Leone embassy did not or could no offer me any help whatsoever and I had no option but plead for humanitarian assistance because of lack of  income,” he told this press in a sad mood.

This young man said he has experienced series of discrimination while in the Gambia because of his disability but that with the help of God, someone he referred to as a ‘Good Samaritan’ bought a flight ticket for him to return home.

He is calling on humanitarian organizations, foreign embassies, local and international nongovernmental organizations to assist this gentleman in his present predicament. He is also appealing to all Sierra Leoneans and especially Old Bo School Boys Association (OBBA) to come to his aid. You can contact him on the following mobile numbers +232 (0) 78 136 442/+232 (0) 88706 848.