October 2020… APC Executive Expires


With the mutinous National Reformation Movement (NRM) headed by Lawyer Mohamed Sheridan Kamara clamoring for the current National Executive of the main opposition All Peoples’ Congress (APC) party led by Chairman and Leader former President Koroma to resign, APC National Secretary General, Ambassador Alhaji Osman Foday Yansaneh has confirmed to this medium that the life of the current executive expires in October 2020.

In which light, there is no way legally that NRM can get the current APC leadership to vacate their seats until the National Delegates’ Conference that the National Advisory Committee (NAC) will summon after October 2020 that will have the mandate to elect or select new national officers.

In which light, a member of the current national executive has denounced NRM as troublemakers who, he said, have no respect for constitutional procedures and the rule of law and called on them to respect the Chairman and Leader of the party and to wait patiently to take their case for reforms of the party to the National Delegates Conference.

Meanwhile, the APC leadership last week Thursday received the draft report of the Constitutional Review Committee that was set up 8 months ago by NAC to review the party’s 5th December, 1995 constitution which NRM demanded to be reviewed in order to particularly change the selection or election of national officers’ clause to only election. This, NRM said, will make the constitution correspond to the 1991 National Constitutional provision of elections for all elective positions in the country.