NRM Pressurises APC


The National Reformation Movement (NRM) has insisted that the main opposition All People’s Congress (APC) repeal the selection clause that places people in positions in the party without being elected.

Speaking in a local Radio Programme on Tuesday 25th September, 2018, the Spokesman of the movement, Minkailu Koroma emphasised that Sierra Leone is a democratic state and that the country’s constitution calls for election not selection of persons to political positions.

“This is our stance, we want the 1995 APC Constitution to be repealed and do away with the selection clause so that as a grassroots party, we would be in line with democratic principles of election as the national constitution demands,” said the NRM PRO. He asked, “if the national constitution demands election why not the political party constitution?” NRM, he said, is not against individuals who were selected but against the selection clause.

The Movement, he said, is on the right track as it has attracted other members who are of like minds to it, adding that the Movement is was not asking any of the current national executive members of the party to resign but welcomes the idea of anyone who decides to resign because of poor and incompetent performance.

NRM, he said, is a pressure group within the APC which means the National Advisory Committee (NAC) which is the second highest decision making body of the party will not accommodate them if they had called for a dialogue with them on the repealing of the selection clause.

NRM, he insisted, will not relent until something good happens and democracy prevails to the letter in the party.