NRM Gets New Leaders

Following recent developments within the National Reformation Movement (NRM), a pressure group within the All Peoples’ Congress (APC), developments which are not unconnected to internal disputes between two factions (those that want to maintain the original objectives of the NRM versus those that wants to deviate for selfish reasons). Therefore, moral guarantors and senior stakeholders of the Movement reportedly summoned an extraordinary meeting via zoom on the 22nd of June, 2020, in order to immediately address the situation that was almost getting out of hands, after series of consultations with the NRM membership both home and abroad.

However, a resolution was reached to dissolve the executive led by Mohamed Sheridan Kamara Esq.* and constitute a new interim body which will serve for the period covering the COVID-19 pandemic as elections shall be conducted immediately after the restrictions are lifted. 

Below is the list of the newly elected Interim Executive body of the NRM-APC:

1. Leader – Hon. Sirajin Rollings-Kamara

Deputy Leader – Mohamed Turay (Jah Kingdom)

2. National Coordinator – Alvin Williams

Deputy – Sheku Samura

3. Secretary General – Lawyer Tejan Conteh

Deputy – Ahmed M. Yillah

4. Public Spokesman and Outreach Coordinator – Minkailu Koroma 

Deputy – Lawyer Sydney Campbell

5. Financial Secretary – Masilika Conteh

Deputy – Mohamed Suma 

6. Internal Auditor – Foday Musa 

Deputy – Shaka S. Turay

7. Legal Advisors:

Lawyer Abdulrahman Bangura 

Alpha Ramneh Thuray (LLB) 

8. Diaspora Coordinator – Sunday Moses 

*Regional Coordinators:*

1. Western Area – Joshua Gordon

2. North-West Region – Ing. Mohamed S. Kamara

3. Northern Region – Mohamed Julius Kamara

4. Southern Region – Joseph Alfred Davis

5. Eastern Region – Saffa Abdulai 

*District Coordinators:*

1. Western Urban – Musa Lovins Kargbo

2. Western Rural – Moses W. Sesay 

3. Bo – Mohamed Kallon 

4. Bonthe – Mariatu Sandi 

5. Moyamba – Mustapha Samai 

6. Pujehun Solomon J. Kaikai 

7. Kenema – Mohamed Feika 

8. Kono – Sahr Mondeh 

9. Kailahun – Musa Gobeh

10. Port Loko – Hassan Kabia

11. Kambia – Aminata Kamara 

12. Karene – Manso Alfred Dumbuya 

13. Tonkolili – Edwin Kamara 

14. Bombali – Ibrahim B. Kargbo

15. Koinadugu Mohamed Marah

16. Falaba – Mahmoud Samura 

Note: The Leader of the movement and the Public Spokesman will soon address the general membership of NRM, members, supporters and well-wishers of the APC home and abroad, and the general public. 



Al-Islam M. Kargbo 

Religious Head and Electoral Commissioner NRM-APC.