NPPA Unveils New Product


In order to curtail the over pricing of equipment for office use by Ministries Departments, and Agencies (MDAs), the National Public Procurement Authority (NPPA) has establish a product dubbed: “Price Known” that will help track prices of all office equipment in the market.

Speaking on the new product, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of NPPA, Ibrahim Brima Swarray explained that before now there has been variation in prices of the same model of equipment brought by MDAs which are said to be higher or over.

“With the ‘Price Known,’ we will have a data records of models of equipment so that if this Department buy an equipment for a price that price will be uniform for all other MDAs,” said CEO Swarray, noting that the NPPA under the ‘New Direction’ will make sure that these is procurement proceeding and high value for money.

With the price known the NPPA boss assured that there will be no room for procurement officers to inflate prices of items bought for government.

He continued that there will be transparency and accountability with the ‘Price Known’ which served as guide on the present market value of items.

The ‘Price Known,’ he said, will be circulated to all MDAs to guide them on planning, cluster and identify the items that are supposed to be in the same categories and serve as benchmark for evaluation so that there will be a uniform purchase price among all MDAs in buying an item.

He concluded that all MDAs are expected to comply with the use and implementation of the product.