No Witch-Hunt -Bio Says


Since President Bio issued an executive order in July declaring that all those who owe the state money must pay within thirty days, the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) has been very vigorous in bringing to account all defaulters.

The determination of the government to recover all monies owed the state by defaulters has not gone down well in some political circles, with particularly the APC fuming that the ongoing anti-corruption drive targets only its officials that served in the former government. As such, many have accused the SLPP government of witch hunting.

With particular reference to the Governance Transition Team Report on corruption by the former government, APC has rejected its report in its entirety. The APC scribe, Ambassador Yansaneh has at a press conference at the APC headquarters called it “a partisan document which stokes the dangerous flames of tribalism, tells a false story of APC’s stewardship and seeks to persecute key APC functionaries and former Government officials. The GTT report is an SLPP wish-list to annihilate its main rival in a web to deceit, lies and fabrications.”

However, President Bio who leads the fight against corruption has said Sierra Leoneans must not view the government’s action as having any ulterior motive other than the desire of his government to recover wealth that belongs to the people that had been stolen or misappropriated.

President Bio noted that if the nation’s development aspirations under the ‘New Direction’ administration are to be actualized, the number-one priority is the fight against corruption which, he said, will free up much needed financial resources. All the hardship and poverty that the people are suffering now, he said, is because of corruption. Thus, he called on all Sierra Leoneans to join hands in the fight against corruption as a patriotic duty to the motherland, stressing, “we must fight corruption before we can move ahead.”

Recovery of stolen state funds is not unique to this government. Under ex-President Koroma, both Joseph Fitzgerald Kamara and his successor at the ACC, Ady Macauley retrieved billions of Leones from corrupt government officials that had been found guilty by the ACC.

At a recent press briefing, the new no-nonsense ACC boss, Joseph Kaifala reported that hundreds of thousands of dollars and hundreds of millions of Leones have been recovered since he took up office two months ago with a steely determination to recover monies owed the state.

Meanwhile, as many who owe monies hasten to pay, others have made arrangements with the ACC to pay what they owe in installments.