N’fa Alie Under Fire


Singing boisterously their party’s war song, “There is victory for us”; Members of Parliament of the majority All People’s Congress (APC) on Tuesday March, 26th 2019 walked out of the Well of Parliament in furtherance of their demand that the Chief Commissioner of the National Elections Commission (NEC), Mr. Mohamed N’fa Alie Conteh, and the entire management of the Commission must resign forthwith.

Addressing the Speaker of Parliament and colleague MPs, Hon. Lahai Marah said, “We have issues with N’fa Alie relating to Tonko Limba. We demand that he and the entire NEC’s officials resign and the Commission overhauled.”

“NEC as an institution,” he went on, “lacks capacity, integrity and credibility to handle election matters. We the majority party in this Parliament and members are saying that N’fa Alie and others must leave.”

Calling on the Speaker for the Public Elections Act to be amended, Hon. Lahai Marah maintained that the election in Tonko Limba was marred by various discrepancies and fraud.

“NEC should explain to us how they got 105 percent – We are yet to get the full result per station. Therefore, Mr. Speaker, we do not have confidence in NEC as an institution and we on this side will not participate with regards any approval that relates to NEC,” the MP. His statement was met with loud applause from other APC MPs. “I therefore, on behalf of the APC leadership in Parliament, kindly ask all APC MPs to please leave this Well,” he insisted.

The APC walkout took place during the debate for the approval of the nominated NEC Commissioner – South. Whilst Hon. Lahai Marah said that APC MPs were not against the nominee as a person, and even congratulated him, stating that he is qualified for the job, and have no issue with him but that they (APC) however have issue with NEC relating to the way and manner they are handling election processes in this country.

It could be recalled that the APC leadership issued a press statement stating, among other things, that they will not take part in any future elections conducted by NEC under the leadership of N’fa Alie who they said must resign in the interest of peace, unity and security of the country.