New Christian Group In Town

By Ayodele Deen Cole

A new Christian group, Isreal United In Christ (IUIC) is now operational in Sierra Leone. The group was founded in Isreal in 2003 and propagates the message in the Holy Bible from the black consciousness perspective. Speaking at a press conference held recently at Home Suite hotel, the leader of the group, Bishop Nathaniel Israel gave series of biblical messages and verses to justify that Jesus was a black man and also the issue of race and color in the Holy Bible.

The IUIC Leader also claimed that there was an identity theft in the true picture of Jesus by the Europeans who painted Jesus as a white man rather than his original true black color. He also blasted other Christian groups for not preaching out the right biblical message to their followers but instead focus on preaching about material things and the brainwash education from white invaders.

He urged the people of Sierra Leone to follow the enlightened ways through IUIC, adding that they will be undertaking lots of activities in the country to reach out to the lost sheep. He also praised the efforts shown by Sierra Leoneans in accepting the new group and promised to spread the message far and wide across the nation.

Several questions regarding the way and life of members of the group were asked. However, according to Bishop Nathaniel Israel, they are just a normal Christian group that follows what is truly written in the bible.