New Appointments


While His Excellency President Rtd. Brig Julius Maada Bio is yet to appoint boards of parastatals, ambassadors, their deputies, press attaches and others, some senior civil servants have stated that the work of government has been impeded by the delay in filling those vacancies.

It was expected that after he made the last set of public service appointments, followed by his dissolving of the boards of all parastatals, President Bio would have gone on to fill the vacancies so created.

An official in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation told this press that it is imperative that new ambassadors and their deputies be appointed, as there are thousands of Sierra Leoneans abroad who need the services of the country’s foreign missions; as well as people who would want to visit the country for business, investment, cultural and diplomatic reasons.

In April, a presidential executive order had decreed that all ambassadors, their deputies and pres attaches ceased to occupy their positions at the end of June and must return home.

In the parastatals, reports of the absence of boards to ensure the implementation of policies and to guide management decision and actions have reportedly slowed down.

Meanwhile, speculation is rife regarding the caliber of people President Bio will appoint to fill in the vacancies. Critics of President Bio have said that so far, he has failed to appoint a broad based, all inclusive national government, embracive of all political, ethnic and regional representation.

Women’s organizations too have accused President Bio of failing to make good on his election pledge to include more women into governance. Youths and the disabled have also appealed for more representation in governance.