New APC 2020 – NRM PRO Predicts


The Public Relations Officer (PRO) of the National Reformation Movement (NRM), Minkailu Koroma has called on the All People’s Congress (APC) Party Secretariat to update the general membership about the current status of the process that was set in motion last November to review the party’s 1995 constitution.

The NRM, which is agitating for reforms in the APC, according to Minkailu, is urging the party’s Constitutional Review Committee to present its report to the secretariat before the end of April since the committee failed to do so in January 2019.

He said the APC, at the moment, lacks a vibrant National Chairman and Leader and Secretary General. As such, Minkailu maintained: “the ruling Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) is taking advantage of the leadership weaknesses in the APC to do unconstitutional things in the country. He recalled the recently concluded bye-election in Ward 196, in Tonko Limba, which, he said, was marred by irregularities; adding that the APC is incapacitated to take tougher actions because the executive is not functional.

The NRM PRO said they are ready to take the bull by its horns to ensure that the current APC national executive takes a dignified exit. To ensure such, he said, the movement has proposed that: the party convenes a mini convention to review the constitution; put an interim national executive in place before June 2019; and hold constituency, district and regional executive elections ending with a national delegates’ convention not later than December 2019.

He said the NRM also wants term limit to be set for holding offices in the party, as the current constitution has no term limit for holding office. Koroma furthered that the NRM is also demanding the positions of Youth and Women’s leaders be elective at the national delegates’ conference. As a government in waiting, the APC constitution, he said, must be in tandem with the national constitution and democratic in nature.

“The NRM wants a new APC, and a modern constitution through which the leaders are elected,” he charged, adding: “any attempt by the executive to surreptitiously replace the ‘selection clause’ in the 1995 constitution with a ‘consultation clause’ would be resisted stoutly.”

Clear mandates should be specified for all the organs of the party, he stated, adding that an independent complaint body should be established to engender the National Advisory Committee (NAC) which in his view used to be the prosecutor, the judge and jury in party matters.

The NRM PRO said should the party abide by these proposals it would enable a new APC to emerge in 2020 that will be capable of challenging the SLPP head-on.