NCRA Verifies Over 7000 Workers


By Aruna Rashed Toma Bangura

Updating the press on the ongoing verification exercise recently, the Deputy Director General of National Civil Registration Authority (NCRA), Mr. Elijah Koroma has told journalists in his office that the Authority will meet up to the task of verifying over 75,000 pin codes according to the Accountant General’s list submitted  to the Authority.

The exercise, he said, has been extended to the 3rd of October, 2018, adding that the process still starts from 7AM and end at 6PM including Saturdays and Sundays.

The Deputy Director General disclosed that they have verified up to 91.5% of the total number of pin codes and personal identification numbers that they received from the Accountant General’s and other agencies with a remaining 8.5% to be verified. Since the inception of the process, he said, they have received a total of seventy five thousand nine hundred and eighty two pin-codes from the Accountant General’s Office and three thousand three hundred and six personnel file numbers from other government agencies. He said about 70,000 workers of the 75,982 pin-codes have been verified and they still have over five thousand workers that are yet to be verified. Also, from other government agencies, he said, they have verified over two thousand workers and a little above one thousand that are yet to register. Before the extension of the process, he said they had already registered seventy two thousand four hundred and sixty four workers across the country that includes civil and public servants.

Mr. Elizah Koroma confirmed that after the 3rd October they will move to their next stage, which, he said  is data processing phase of the exercise.