NASSIT Board Member Talks Tough


 By Alhaji Mansaray

One of the newly appointed Members of the Board of Trustees at the National Social Security and Insurance Trust (NASSIT), Foday Sadique Fofana has vowed to ensure that NASSIT adopts policies that would improve on its core functions of serving pensioners and improving on its investment portfolio to ensure adequate returns on its investment and in turn, ensure prompt payment of social security benefits.

Speaking to this press, Foday Sadique Fofana, who is also representing the NASSIT Pensions Association on the above board, added that excellent data management is definitely impeccable for accurate, timely and prompt payment of pensions.

He reiterated that the main purpose of NASSIT is to pay pensions and benefits of workers as and when necessary. He concluded that all other activities carried out by NASSIT are necessary supports to the main work of the Trust. He stressed that they shall ensure that all what is expected of NASSIT comes to reality to achieve the dreams of the ‘New Direction’ of President Bio, which is moving the country forward.