Muslims Reminded To Honour ‘Zakat’


By Alhaji Mansaray

Deputy Chief Imam of the House Central Mosque in Freetown, Alhaji M.S Jalloh has reminded Muslims about the annual charity (Zakat) in this Arabic month of Moharam.

In an interview with this press, Alhaji M.S. Jalloh added that those who have to give this year’s charity should know that for each million Leones, one should offer Le25,000 as charity to the poor and needy in order for ones soul to be cleansed and money blessed. He said whosoever offers this annual charity has followed the footstep of the Holy Prophet Mohammad (SAW) and his companions.

Imam Jalloh further called on the youths to acquire knowledge in both Islamic and secular education. He said according to the Holy Prophet Mohammad (SAW) the search for knowledge is compulsory for every mankind. He therefore admonished the youths to always abide by the Islamic code-of-conduct and refrain from sinful acts.  He also admonished women to always put on Islamic apparels (Hijab) and urged the youths to engage themselves in something developmental.

The Imam concluded by welcoming this year’s pilgrims, whilst stating that for 40 days, Allah shall accept their prayers. He called on the worshippers to accord them the respect they deserve.