Musa Tarawally Talks Big 


Presidential flagbearer of the Citizens Democratic Party (CDP), Alhaji Musa Tarawally has said that Sierra Leone needs investors to quickly liberate her from the shackles of poverty, while boasting of having six billionaire friends.
Speaking to a huge crowed of young people at Regent Street on Monday evening, the seasoned politician stated that the country does not have enough money to drive the economy but rather  relies heavily on donors that often put stringent conditionalities to funds provided. He pointed out that neighboring countries will continue to move ahead of Sierra Leone as a result of the expansion of their economic activities. He therefore assured that when he assumes office after March 7 polls,  he would pump in five million dollars (US$ 5m) to bolster  economic activities that would bring in more revenue to the government adding that he would create job opportunities.

While serving as minister, he said, he initiated an idea of constructing 300,000 houses to address the housing problem in the country but that is was frustrated by his  colleagues who never wanted him to be commended.

According to the former Lands Minister, his intention is to align 5-10 storey houses from Kanikay to Bay Wharf what another from Kissy Road to Wilkinson Road.

He said many people may doubt the possibility, but stressed that it is possible as one of his investors had done similar projects in other countries.
He continued that none of his colleagues in the race has business plans, adding that he has nurtured his political aspiration since the age 16. He said God answered his prayers when he told closed friends and family members that he would one day become a Member of Parliament and Minister.

Alhaji. Tarawally also disclosed that he would transform Lungi into a commercial city with the Lungi International Airport serving as hub for businesses.