MPs Outline Reasons For Coming To Parliament


By Alhaji Mansaray

The Chief Whip for Coalition for Change (C4C) political party in Parliament, Hon. Aiah D.S. Kassegbama, who is also representing Constituency 026 in the Kono District, said his reason for vying for parliamentary position is that, we have a system in Africa and that African politics are not like the American or European politics.

He opined that in Africa, the more closer you are to a political system, the more you know and get access to what is happening. The MP maintained that though he was in the UK, he was working as an advocate for the people of Kono District.

He lashed out at greedy politicians who have made life very miserable for the Kono people, adding that as a clergyman, he decided to return home to join politics is to rescue his people from abject penury through active partisan politics instead of mere advocacy.

Hon. Kassegbama maintained that the only way someone can help their people is going into politics, adding that advocacy is enough because of ‘orders from above.’

He reiterated that he decided to go into active partisan politics to be able to stand and advocate on behalf of his constituents without any hindrance from ‘Orders from Above.’

On his part, Hon. Moses Baimba Jorki of the SLPP representing Constituency 091 in Bonthe District praised God for returning back in the Well of Parliament to share knowledge with budding Members of Parliament as the august House is a learning institution irrespective of your academic qualifications. He noted that one has to study and be au fait with the procedures before you can perform in the Well of Parliament.

Hon. Musa Bamba Foray Jalloh (Musa Bendugu) of the SLPP representing Constituency 056 in the Tonkolili District said though the district is considered as an APC stronghold, the party has never considered their constituency, it had long been marginalized by the party thus prompting the need for change through the leadership of President Rtd. Brig, Julius Maada Bio.

He furthered that companies operating in Tonkolili District such as Shandong Steel (formerly African Minerals Limited) did not comply with their corporate social responsibilities because of the former APC government’s reluctance to urge them to pay their 0.1 percent which was over US$8 million. The new MP however conceded that his current challenge is to understand the Standing Order (SO) to perform well in the Well of Parliament.

Hon. Alex Mattia Rogers of the SLPP representing Constituency 102 in Pujehun District said he vied for parliamentary position to represent his constituents well in Parliament, contribute to making laws in national interest and have oversight of Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs).

He also conceded that his challenge is how to harmonize the SO with the 1991 Constitution of Sierra Leone so that he would participate in parliamentary debates effectively.

The MP called on his constituents to exercise patience with him and promised to start engaging them pretty soon.