Morning Crew Feeds The Less Privileged In Bo


By Aruna Kamara in Bo 

Morning Crew, a prayer group in the United States of America has donated food and non-food items to over three hundred the less privileged including beggars in Bo. The group constitutes,  Isata Rogers, Victoria Rogers, Abdul Thorley, Joe Seiwoh, Olive Sargin, Sylvia Decker, Seibatu Swarray, Alphina and  Paul Kannah.

Presenting the items  on behalf of Morning Crew, the father of  Isata Victoria Rogers, in the person of Isa Rogers said the items were provided by her daughter and her friends in the USA and that this is not the first time  they are feeding the less privileged.

He said that they are following the footsteps of Jesus Christ who was healing and at the same time, feeding the people, adding that the beneficiaries should always think about them during their prayer time for God to guide and protect benefactors of the food items.

One of the beneficiaries, Mary Senesie said: “I am blind and I cannot see, I do go out to find food to eat and I was even thinking about what to eat today but God has used our brothers and sisters to provide food for us. May God bless you and we pray that long life and prosperity will be your portion. May God continue to provide for you to always think about us in Sierra Leone.’’  “Our others brothers and  sisters  in the diaspora need to  follow the footsteps of Isata Victory Rogers and her friends to be sending food for us,” said another beneficiary, Madam Senesie, adding that  some of them are on the streets because they do not have people to feed them.