More To Be Declared Wanted


It could be recalled that the Minister of Information and Communications at one of the weekly government press briefing whilst commenting on the pending Commission of Inquiry had categorically said that the government will go after any one named in the Governance Transition Team (GTT) Report even if he/she had fled the country.

Such statement has been manifested when last week with instructions from the ACC; the police force issued a national and INTERPOL alert for the former Commissioner of the Immigration Department, Kholifa Koroma.

Immediately after the GTT Report was published, the police force placed a travel ban on all 52 persons named in it. However, there were several of them that were out of the country including former President Koroma who has since returned from vacation and said he is ready to answer to any allegation of corruption levied against him.

A Ministry of Information source told this medium that as soon as the Commission of Inquiry sits, and the names of all those to appear before it published, all those that are out of the country and refuse to return to defend themselves will be declared wanted by the police and that all efforts will be made through diplomatic channels and INTERPOL to have them extradited.

Meanwhile, the Commissioner of the Anti Corruption Commission, Francis Ben Kaifala, has been quoted as saying after the swoop last week on some Immigration, the Foreign Affairs Ministry and Administrator General’s Office officials and a private businessman in relation to the unauthorized sale of passports to non-citizens and non-public officials that: “The ACC carried out ‘Operation Eagle Claw’ snatching those selling service passports to persons who are not, and have never been, in public service. Those on the run can run, but they cannot hide. The war against corruption is on…and it is winnable.”