More Ministers To Go


Many erring personnel in his administration, including some ministers and parastatal heads that at the end of the day fell under the hammer, unwittingly mistook President Koroma’s forbearing nature for weakness.

They took his extreme tolerance as an opportunity to commit unpardonable misdemeanors with impunity on the false belief that nothing will happen to them because they believed that they are always in his good books. What they failed to realize was that the President was giving them a long rope to hang themselves.

For those who ended up incurring his wrath by repeatedly misbehaving, they found out to their dismay, discomfort and regret after their unexpected sacking that the President is an uncompromising disciplinarian with a hard steely inside underneath the gentle genial smile that he always wears.

Having reached the end of his patience with another set of rebellious officials in his government, the President in his no-nonsense manner towards the end of last week relieved the former Minister of Social Welfare, Gender and Children’s Affairs and her Deputy with whom she had long been at loggerheads from their positions.

The rude shock hit the two rebellious ministers when the President unceremoniously announced their sacking in a public notice from State House after they went on radio on Thursday morning to wash their dirty linens in public. Commenting on the sacking, the Presidential Spokesman, Abdulai Bayratay, intimated that the President was moved into action by the two ministers utter disregard for decorum and failure to cooperate to accomplish the mission of that all important human welfare ministry.

State House source intimated this medium that the President is not done with purging of ministers and their deputies who instead of focusing on working peacefully and harmoniously to accomplish the task at hand have turned their ministries into battle grounds.

“The President has several such reports on his table,” the source said.  “Very soon, if those involved do not mend fences, the President will solve their problems as he did to the previous Social Welfare minister and his deputy and has done to Dr. Sylvia Olayinka Blyden and Mrs. Neneh Koroma,” stated a concerned citizen, adding, “that will be their Xmas gifts.”

It could be recalled that the President last year, for similar misdemeanor and disrespect for decorum, sacked Minister Moijue Kai-Kai and his deputy Mustapha Bai Atilla for turning the ministry into a battle field for the expression of their egos and reached their Waterloo when they exchanged unprintable invectives that was recorded and went virile on social media.

Pressure has been mounting on ministers who marginalize and sideline their deputies and monopolize all the ministerial functions, thereby rendering their deputies redundant, to open up to their deputies and encourage inclusiveness and participation in the manning of the affairs of their ministries; given the fact that the ministries have many departments and agencies that need direction, monitoring and supervision.

Meanwhile, many public service watchers have deplored the colonial habit of some domineering ministers who treat their deputies like their houseboys; failing to realize that they all take their appointment from His Excellency the President, receive salaries from the Consolidated Revenue Fund and are supposed to be equals working in tandem to achieve the President’s vision ambition in their different ministries.

“The President is prepared to show rebellious people holding to positions in his administration that he has not in the least become complacent and will deal ruthlessly with those who think that they can get away with sabotaging his administration,” a state house source intimated.

The source stated that the sacking of the Social Welfare Minister and deputy is a warning to one and all that in his last days as head of state, the President will not hesitate to stamp his authority wherever he thinks that his judicial rod needs to be applied mercilessly.

‘Very soon, we will see another round of firing,” the State House source hinted.