Momoh Konte, 2 Others Laid To Rest

The harsh reality of life, whether one lives in Africa, Asia, Europe or the Americas, is that the final resting place of all mankind, whether rich or poor, black or white, tall or short, educated or uneducated, healthy or ill, is the grave.

So it was that on a somber Friday afternoon at the site of his planned Kabala University, Momoh Konte and two other sons of the soil of Koinadagu were laid to rest alongside each other.

Those who attended the funeral said the crowd that turned out in towns and villages along the route from Makeni where the bodies were kept at the government hospital mortuary right into Kabala town was unprecedented. People of all ages, sex, religion and tribe turned out to bid farewell to what many called a great soul.

A feeling of grief and deep loss hung in the atmosphere as people remembered the kindness, compassion, generosity and dedication to the cause of humanity displayed by the large hearted philanthropic Momoh Konte when he was alive that many said would not be replicated in kabala and the district by any of their compatriots in their life time.

Momoh Konte’s contributions to improving the lives of many in his district are visible for everyone to see. They include primary and secondary schools, health centers, community centers, water wells, entertainment centers, his last endeavor to the uplifting of humanity being the university campus that he started, which many are calling on the Bio government which prioritizes education as the country’s eventual liberator from poverty, to complete.

Momoh Konte gave scholarships to students by family, not caring about tribe or anything. Most unfortunate is that the late Momoh Konte had university students studying in China and other countries that were privately sponsored by him that he had promised a month ago to send their remittances.

As the cold earth covers Momoh Konte, it will one day be for all of us, the glaring reality is that death and life are one – just as the river flows into the mighty ocean.

Given that life is temporal, however long one lives; the goal of living is not to live forever but to create something that you would be remembered for, generations after generations. That once lost, life will never come again is what should inspire to live not only for self but for others. So one wonders why those relatives, brothers and sisters that God Almighty has richly blessed with wealth of any kind refuse to share it with others less fortunate as Momoh Konte generously did; knowing that we came into the world empty handed and we depart from it with empty hands.

Therefore, whatever that is good and benevolent that God Almighty has assigned to do, do it well and diligently, knowing that the ultimate reward for living according to God’s will and commandments in this world is eternal life in heaven with the one and only maker of all things great and small in this wide boundless universe.