Mohamed Bangura For APC Flagbearer


By Ayodele Deen Cole

Opposition All Peoples Congress (APC)  Member of Parliament, Hon. Mohamed Bangura, representing Constituency 65 in Karene district has intimated The Exclusive that he intends to vie for the 2023 APC presidential flagbearer position in the party’s forthcoming 2021 National Delegates Convention.

Hon. Mohamed Bangura’s intention is against the backdrop of the Chairman and Leader of the party in consultation with the National Advisory Council (NAC) having agreed that APC needs a constitutional review that will lead to progressive changes in the method of selection of its national executive officials, including the party standard bearer.

Hon. Mohamed Bangura started making a name for himself in the country’s politics when together with the Charles Margai, the leader of the Peoples Movement for Democratic Change (PMDC), the party that crucially helped APC, with the large number of votes it secured in the Southern Province, to win the 2017 presidential election that brought former President Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma to power.

He split with PMDC after an ideological quarrel with the PMDC leader and formed the United Democratic Movement prior to the 2012 national elections. At the last minute, he called on UDM supporters to vote for APC.

Hon. Mohamed Bangura after the election jumped ship to APC and was later appointed as Minister of Information and Communication.

He contested the 2018 election for the position of Member of Parliament representing APC in Constituency 65, which election he easily won in that APC stronghold.