Mohamed Bangura Assures SLBC

By Ayodele Deen-Cole
The Minister of Information and Communication, Mohamed Bangura has promised to continue supporting the administration of the Sierra Leone Broadcasting Corporation. He made this promise recently during a meeting with staff of SLBC.
According to Mohamed Bangura, SLBC is one of the best news outlets in the region adding that as a government they will not sit down and watch it go down. The newly appointed Minister, who was once a practicing journalist stated that despite providing this support, the government wants SLBC to be an independent body devoid of politics. He encouraged the workers to show professionalism in their course of duty.
“SLBC was transformed into a corporation few years ago, so that they will be able to make some profits and contribute independently to the development of the country,” he said.
Meanwhile, the Minister and Deputy, Cornelius Deveaux have expressed satisfaction over the amount of work done on the fiber optic installation in the Northern region. He made this remarks after making a site visit to all the fiber optic areas in the northern region. During the visit Mohamed Bangura encouraged the contractors to draw up a strategic plan which will be used to address some of the challenges faced at the site.
According to the contractors one of the main challenges facing the fiber optic site is power supply and air conditioning. The minister promised that government will do all it can to solve the problem.