Meet the new Deputy Inspector General of Police

The recent announcement of changes of personnel in the Security Sector in Sierra Leone ushered in a new Deputy Inspector General of Police together with the change at the helm of the Police Force that saw the erstwhile Inspector General of Police, Francis AlieuMunu being sent abroad as Ambassador to the Republic of Liberia..  Now a strategic operations commander, Dr. Al ShekKamara was enlisted in the Sierra Leone Police (SLP) on the 23rd October 1989. He passed out of the Police Training School in June 1990 and was awarded the Baton of Honor as the best recruit. From Constable, he rose through the ranks, and he has held several command positions.

Over the years, DIG Al ShekKamara has been engaged in initiating Community Policing projects that are geared towards addressing issues relating to drug abuse, human rights and access to justice. Examples of such projects include the Community Education on Drug Abuse Resistance (CEDAR), the Drug Abuse Resistance Education (DARE) for children, and the Informal Conflict Resolution and Restorative Justicetargeting both adults and children.


Prior to his elevation as Deputy Inspector General of Police, Dr. Al-ShekKamarawas the Director of Police Operations, the Official Spokesman and Accountable Officer for the Information & Communications Technology (ICT) Programme of the SLP. He has planned and successfully executed operations for several major national events such as Sierra Leone’s 50th Independence Anniversary Celebrations in April 2011; the first Multi-tier Elections for President, Members of Parliament and Local Government Officials concurrently held on the 17thNovember 2012.

At the height of the Ebola outbreak he was assigned to the National Ebola Response Centre (NERC) to coordinate all police operations nationwide. He recently launched “Operation WAIL”, which targeted cliques, gangs,noise and general road safety issues; an operation that received immense public acclaim.

He has attended several courses at home and abroad, and currently holds a PhD in Human Security and Conflict Resolution. He has recently returned from a specialist training on policing for peaceful elections outcomes in West Africa hosted at the Kofi Anan Institute in Ghana. He is married to his loving wife and partner for the past 25 years plus with a family of four children, three boys and a girl.